Nyamira’s Top Gospel Artist John Ombati Drops His New Hit Nyakemincha A School With A Difference

1)Tell us who is John Ombati? I’m a born again artist and gospel singer from nyamira county. I hold a bachelor of psychology graduate from Egerton University. I’m the last born in a family of two.

2)What inspired you to pursue music? I joined music industry in 2013 just out of curiosity and desire that I can’t explain the source. My grandma and mom were serious choir members, I believe I inheritedit from them.

3)What legacy would you like to create in the music industry? I wish to be one of the most influential musicians in gusii and beyond. One whose art would change people and the world for the better.

4) Tell us about your latest project?My latest song *Nyakemincha A School With A Difference* was composed to praise the school, stakeholders and former students of their aggressiveness and desire to get the best out of soo little. Hope it will inspire many to dream more.

5)Who would you love to collaborate with?If I get to collaborate with King Kaka and Julian, I would consider it the Pinnacle of my career.

6)Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?I wish to set up most modern studio for audio and visual recording, the best in southern Sahara.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

7)What message do you have for those who look upto you?Music is not a walk in the park, it has ups and downs. One must be objective, patient and real to realize the fruits.

8)What message do you have for your fans?I’ll try as much as possible to remain relevant, steadfast, simple, humble and ready in the course of my music career. Their pleasure is my ultimate and all time goal.

9) Who is your inspiration and role model?Juliani and King Kaka πŸ™

10)For those people who wish to reach out to you.What are your social media handles?Facebook: John Ombati
Instagram: sirjohn 9909

YouTube: Official Sirjohn Kenya


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