Meet Top Gospel Hip-hop Duo The Zoomers

1)Tell us a bit about yourself:We are two young teenagers (xtinger & whopper) we do Trap hip hop and urban gospel music and the name of the group is (zoomers).

2) What and when were you inspired to be artists? we both met at a particular dance group which was going well until the group dispersed and from that we had nothing to keep us busy between the holidays so we ended up going for parties and doing drugs until 2018 around November that was when our parents found out and to make the long story short we got delivered and that was when we found out we had a talent of doing music…,hence we want to reach out to our fellow youth out there who are lost spiritually that are doing drugs mostly bcoz of peer pressure.

3)What challenges have you faced so far as artists?There are alot alot of challenges mostly the main being the money for going to studio to record and for videos plus we are not on any management right now,,so we do manage ourselves and also depend on the support from our families ourselves inshort we really need support.

4) Where do you see yourself in the next 10years? We see ourselves very far unlike right now we are in need of support we see ourselves somewhere where we will be the ones naturing and supporting the young talents out there and also to be the inspiration to many and change lives through our music.

5)What do you know now that you wish you knew when you were starting out?we have known quite alot of things and Mostly is that music needs time confidence and risk taking plus importantly patience is needed and many more.

6)What is your most memorable moment as a group? As a group I think it is when we first entered the studio and recorded our first song because we knew that it was quite a big step that we had started with and also our first performance it was such a Honor for us to perform.

7) What message do you have for people who wish to follow up in your footsteps?Firstly you really need to be delivered if you are doing gospel music don’t do gospel for money but go for ministry because the scripture says seek God first then the rest will follow do gospel to share the good news of Christ and also know who is God and know your purpose in this life,music really needs prayers and patience.

8)What message do you have for your fans?We want to thank our fans alot we really love them because if it wasn’t for their support there couldn’t be zoomers at all.

9)Who would you love to collaborate with as an artist and why? we would love to work with alot of gospel artist but mostly Eko dyda,mojishort baba,Jabidii ,Guardian angel,Ben c,David wonder,mercy masika and many many more because their style of composing and the message that their music has is changing alot of lives.

10)For those people who wish to reach out to you.What are your social media handles?They can reach us on Facebook:zoomers 254, Instagram:zoomers_254 and also on our YouTube channel:zoomers 254 you can also get our song Tunego on mdundo .com as zoomers.

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