Meet The Man Who Made Pakistan The Largest Kenyan Tea Importer Worldwide

Amb Julius Bitok Brings In A Record Breaking 100billion from tea exports to Pakistan

If you could stand in front of a crowd five years ago and say that Pakistan would bypass Britain and Kenya’s biggest tea importer many would have laughed or call you a liar.

Well it is a reality today thanks to Amb Julius Bitok who brings in a record breaking 100billion from tea exports in the middle eastern country.

When Amb Bitok first came into office as the Kenyan ambassador to Pakistan Kenyan imports to stood at 40billion but since he took over he was able to add 60billion and it now tea imports to Pakistan stand at 100billion.

Ambassador Bitok Embracing A Farmer

Through this Mr Bitok has been able to empower tea farmers on the ground who for years have been crying of poor payment.He hopes farmers will benefit greatly from this.

As he embarks on being Uasin gishu’s next governor many believe due to his track record he will be able to turn things around and get international markets for the people of Uasin gishu.



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