Meet Kitui’s Top Gospel Artist Titus Nzuki

1)Tell us a bit about yourself:I’m Titus Nzuki. A high school teacher of Geography by profession,a preacher, a gospel artist
and a motivational speaker

2) What and when were you inspired to pursue your career as an artist?I was inspired since I was in school but my full release I did 2019 the first song

3)What challenges have you faced so far?Marketing, capital for shooting

4) Where do you see yourself in the next 10years? I’m looking forward on inspiring many people in my country and beyond

5)What do you know now that you wish you knew when you were starting out? I thought it will be a smooth run but it’s not a bed of roses to get income in music industry

7) What message do you have for people who wish to follow up in your footsteps?Put God first and be ready to make a step in whatever you do and it shall be well
with you

8)What message do you have for your fans?Please subscribe to my channel, enroll to my skiza tunes and any other support.. I promise to be there for you

9)Who is your inspiration and role
model? Solomon Mkubwa

10)For those people who wish to reach out to you.What are your social media handles?Subscribe on YouTube- titus Nzuki songs, Facebook- titus Musya, Instagram- titus Nzuki, subscribe to my skiza tunes( check the skiza codes) from my YouTube channel.You can channel your comments and support through phone number;0711487462

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