Children Overjoyed As Amb Julius Bitok Sponsors The Completion Of Classrooms At St Cecilia Primary School

Today Amb Julius Bitok was called upon by teachers and the St Cecilia fraternity to stop by at their school.Upon arriving Amb Julius Bitok realized that the school was lacking several classrooms and other facilities as well.Out of the kindness of his heart he offered to construct five additional classrooms for the school.The teachers were so happy and couldn’t hide their joy and excitement.

One of the teachers Joyce Ngeno,”We couldn’t call upon any other leader except Amb Julius Bitok this is because we know of his love for children,the community and his track record of putting words into actions.”

Mrs Ngeno added,We didn’t want a leader who was going to come here and offer us empty promises we want a performer someone who we know has a track record of putting words into actions and of fulfilling his promises.

The residents were very happy and couldn’t stop expressing their gratitude to Amb Bitok.They thanked Amb Bitok through song and dance and when Amb Bitok was given the opportunity to grace the stage the air was filled with ululations.

Amb Bitok said,”Given the mandate I am determined to change the state of our ECDs. Being the first step of learning ECDs should provide a very good environment for our children to transition to the new stage in life. Governor Mandago’s government has done very well so far in upgrading these facilities and I am very grateful for their amazing work.”

According to researchers the only way we can balance the wheel of social status is by ensuring quality education is available and accessible to all our children no matter the background they come from.Amb Bitok is a strong believer in this and many believe he is the man to transform and to take Uasingishu county to another level.

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